Photos: Sapulpa Parks Youth Triathlon lands a large turnout

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Dozens of children went home sore but smiling on Saturday after the first Sapulpa Youth Triathlon in several years lands a large turnout and tons of fun.

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Children ages 3 up to 15 competed in the event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running. The oldest of the participants, ranging from 13 to 15 years of age, had to swim eight lengths in the pool, cycle six laps around the park (a total of three miles) and then run an additional two laps (one mile) around that same track. In some cases, cyclists had to watch out for joggers on the track as they made their way around Liberty Park on the warm-but-not-terrible summer Saturday morning.

The Sapulpa Parks Youth Triathlon winners in the 13-15 category: 1st Place is Lorenzo Trockel, 15, from Mounds; 2nd Place is Reiss Smith, 14, from Mounds, and 3rd Place is Esseny Smith, 15, from Mounds. These teens had to swim 8 lengths, cycle 6 laps, and run a mile in the Sapulpa Parks Youth Triathlon. Micah Choquette Photo.

Lorenzo Trockel, 15, is from Mounds and was the first to complete the triathlon, bringing in a time of under 25 minutes—not too bad, considering he’d never done it before.

As the teenager crossed the finish line of the last lap, others asked him how he felt and he didn’t hold back. “Pretty awful,” he said, as the crowd who had gathered to cheer him on laughed.

Who could blame him?

Later, during an interview with Sapulpa Times, Trockel said the swimming and running were tied for the most difficult parts of the triathlon. The second and third-place winners—siblings Reiss and Esseny Smith, respectively—agreed. “The swimming and then the running were the hardest,” Esseny, who also goes by “Sunny” said. Her brother, 14-year-old Reiss, said he liked the “biking the most.”

There was a Trockel at the winner’s podium in several of the categories. The family said they’d only just heard of the event last week, but decided to get five of their six kids involved, and then invited their cousins. In all, there were nine Trockels, some from Mounds, and some from Bixby.

“This is such a great thing they’re doing,” said Lorenzo’s mom. “There’s not really anything like this for the little kids—it’s usually for older kids and adults. It’s so great they have a place to try out for this.

Lorenzo didn’t just win the top honor at the triathlon; Before he left, Sapulpa Parks Director Carson Lynch met him in the parking lot.

“Did my pool  manager talk to you? We’re going to want to see you next summer as a lifeguard.”

Photos from Sapulpa Parks Youth Triathlon