Photos: Riverfield elementary kids meet Santa, throw snowballs at Christmas Chute


The Route 66 Christmas Chute is a holiday destination unlike any other. Now in its second year of production, the surprise hit holiday stop of 2022 has taken the state by storm as it gets featured in magazines, national television shows, and wins awards.

So it’s no surprise that downtown Sapulpa has become a regional field trip hot spot, especially as kids get closer to Christmas break.

Last week, a group of students from the private Riverfield Country Day School came to the Chute during the day where they could explore without the usual crowds that show up after dark.


Jordan Ascencio, one of the Chute volunteers, dressed as an elf and secured the Santa House at Martha’s Corner for the children to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. She also brought cotton “snowballs” so the students could have some winter-inspired fun on what was otherwise a wet but warm day.

“It was so nice of Riverfield to reach out and want to field trip at the Christmas Chute,” Ascencio said. “Many of the parents hadn’t heard of the Chute and have plans of returning. The kids were so excited to run around and play and had a snowball fight in the middle of Dewey!”


The Route 66 Christmas Chute is open from 8am to 10pm every day through December 31st. More information can be found at

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