Photos: Junior wins 10 awards, top honor at Student Art Show

(SPS) — It’s great to be back.

That was the sentiment for the teachers and students who put a lot of their time and effort into the 2021 Sapulpa Student Art Show. As for Adrian Bailey, well, he would most definitely agree.

Sapulpa High School junior Adrian Bailey stands with his “Judges Choice” award-winning piece from the 2021 Sapulpa Student Art Show. Bailey spent approximately 12 hours drawing the orangutan with white pencil on black paper. He entered 14 pieces for the show, with 10 of them winning awards. 

The Sapulpa High School junior submitted 14 pieces for the exhibit. Ten of them won an award, including the top honor, Judge’s Choice, for his beautifully detailed portrait of an orangutan calmly staring past you into the distance. His haul of 10 awards wasn’t expected, he said. Adrian can only recall winning two awards since his freshman year.

“I was very surprised, honestly,” Adrian laughed.

However, his surprise wasn’t just because he won. Adrian said he entered the gym and couldn’t find his piece.

“I thought they had just lost it, and then I saw it right here.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t missing. It had been moved to its rightful spot at the front of the exhibit.

Adrian spent approximately 12 hours drawing the orangutan in white pencil on black paper. The medium is called Conte. It originated as an assignment his teacher Mrs. Martin gave the class. She laid out a set of pictures for the students to choose from and create a drawing. Adrian said he chose the orangutan because he said it was the hardest and no one else had picked it.

“I wanted the challenge.”

That challenge helped satisfy a long-held desire Adrian has had since before he began taking art classes in the 6th grade.

“I’ve always wanted to do an orangutan,” he said. “I liked The Jungle Book when I was a child and that was the inspiration.”

And now, his show-winning piece may just inspire others. Adrian’s work from the show, at least those that haven’t sold yet, will be on display during the month of May in the street-side window bays at American Abstract & Title Company on Dewey in downtown Sapulpa.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the 1,200 pieces that were created by any of the 400 students, please contact the art teachers at Sapulpa Middle School, Sapulpa Junior High, and Sapulpa High School.