Photos: Farmers Market opens for the season

The threat of rain kept vendors wary of having to pack up in a hurry, but the cloudy weather stayed dry as scores of shoppers turned out for the season’s inauguration of the Sapulpa Main Street Route 66 Farmers Market.

The market started it’s fifth year late but with a bang as vendors selling fresh produce began to sell out almost immediately.

“I got here at 7:30, and was sold out in less than an hour,” said Kent Daniel, a new vendor but an old hand at growing and caring for plants. His controlled indoor growing techniques have turned more than a few skeptics into true believers as they see the results of his efforts. And obviously, the results speak for themselves.

The crowd gathered at the Farmers Market is a testament to just how badly folks in Creek County just wanted something to do, as the county and state begin to slowly reopen. With the Route 66 Blowout being moved to September, and other summer events like the Rock The Route concerts being canceled altogether, it’ll be smaller but regular events like these that those who are comfortable with getting out can look forward to.

Sapulpa Main Street Director Cindy Lawrence says that there will be a lot to look forward to as the season begins for the Farmers Market. “We have several new vendors, and some of them were a little shocked that we had a good crowd here right at 7:30 this morning,” she said. “They were kinda scrambling to get set up.”

As the new vendors are getting accustomed to early start times and a crowd that’s hungry for local produce, Lawrence is working to ensure that the Market stays true to its official “Oklahoma roots.” Each farmer is personally inspected by Lawrence or a member of her team to ensure that the products they’re looking to sell are ones that have been grown here. “Now, we have Porter Peaches,” Lawrence said, “but we go to Porter to get those. And Porter is in Oklahoma, so it counts.”

There have been vendors in the past that tried to pass off produce purchased from elsewhere as homegrown—something that Lawrence works hard to catch and—pardon the pun—nip in the bud. “We are a certified Oklahoma grown farmers market,” Lawrence says, the idea being that the primary goal of the market is to support locally-grown producers, that usually want to serve their own community more than any other, anyway.

The Sapulpa Main Street Route 66 Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Courthouse parking lot.
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