Over 500 people without gas in Kiefer

The Sapulpa Times reached out to Kiefer Town Administrator Melanie Grove for information about the gas outage. According to Grove, residents woke up to low gas pressure this morning. Kiefer municipal employees determined that that the issue was widespread and the Town Administrator called Oklahoma Natural Gas.

ONG came out and shut off the main meter to the town at approximately 9 a.m. Town crews began shutting off gas meters to the 532 customers served by Kiefer. The town of Kiefer purchases natural gas from Constellation Energy and resells it to Kiefer residents. Oklahoma Natural Gas provides transportation.

At the time of publication, ONG employees along with Kiefer public works employees were still shutting off meters. ONG provided mobile natural Gas equipment to provide natural gas to City Hall, any resident with health issues, and to the restaurants in Kiefer. Creek County Emergency Management was on the scene. Once all the meters are shut off, ONG will ascertain and repair the problem.

Grove said ONG has informed her that the repair should completed by 6pm, but each meter will have to be turned back on, pilot lights will have to be re-lit.

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Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler is a contributing writer for Sapulpa Times.