One dead after possible drug overdose in van outside of Kellyville


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Officers at the Creek County Sheriff’s Office say that one is dead and one was hospitalized after a van belonging to Raby’s Plumbing was spotted stopped in the road on Sunday afternoon, off the Turner Turnpike, between Kellyville and Bristow.

A passing motorist noticed the van and notified police. He described the driver as “slumped over the wheel” and said that the driver appeared to be “sweating and drooling.”

CCSD got the call at about 3:21pm and went to check on the welfare of the driver. Officer David Shelby said that when he arrived on the scene, he noticed that all the doors and windows were closed, and the engine was running.

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Shelby confirmed that the driver was exactly how he had been described, with “sweat dripping from his head and he was drooling profusely.” That’s when he noticed the passenger, 31-year-old Dustin Phillips of Kellyville, who didn’t appear to be breathing. Officers tried to remove him from the vehicle in order to perform CPR, but after several attempts, they were unsuccessful. EMS declared him dead at the scene when they arrived moments later.

EMS were able to rouse Travis Wilson to consciousness, who said that Phillips had brought the heroin for the two of them, which they injected. Wilson says he then nodded off and says he doesn’t know what happened to Phillips. Despite Wilson’s statement, officers were unable to recover any syringes or drugs in the vehicle, finding only a home-made mini-stove of sorts made from a Mountain Dew can and a cigarette lighter.

Creek County Sheriff says they are not pressing charges as of this time. Wilson was released from St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa sometime after the incident.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated for clarity and brevity.

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