Gary Wilden

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Grandmaster Gary Wilden made his passing from this life on September 30, 2021.

Grandmaster Gary Wilden served with homeland security for 17 years as a combative trainer for the military.

Grandmaster Gary Wilden will always be recognized as a lifelong educator and martial artist. He was well known in the United States and many other countries in our world for his lifelong quest to teach, practice, and perform martial arts techniques. Grandmaster Wilden taught the many genres of martial arts from his training center in the Tulsa Metro area, as he taught and trained for over 30 years but has been training for 43 years. As life would have it, Grandmaster Wilden began his martial arts training to avoid being bullied as a kid, and he quickly developed a passion for being skilled in the martial arts. Long after his childhood days, Master Wilden continued to train, and started to explore the many various styles of martial arts, such as Taekwondo, Aikido, Tang So Do, and Kenpo, to name a few.

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Grandmaster Gary Wilden had many Belt Rank Certifications: Combat Kenpo – 9 th Degree Black Belt, MMASC Tae Kwon Do – 8 th Degree Black Belt, Tang So Do – 2 nd Degree Black Belt, and Aikido – 4 th Degree Black Belt. Grandmaster Wilden’s Instruction Certifications include: ICTF Tae Kwon Do, Cardio Kickboxing, Law Enforcement Counter Measure and Tactical Training, Children and Women’s Safety Programs (including rape prevention, anti-abductions, and good touch/bad touch), Bully Buster Programs for public and private schools, and M-CAT instructor. He was inducted into the National Martial Arts Hall of Fame in July 2021.

Award and honors claimed by Grandmaster Wilden include the following:

MMASC Midwestern Crown Winner, 2019; Oscar Award (Life Time Achievement), 2019; Coach and Competitor Team USA, Gold Medalist, Tampa, Florida, 2017; Coach of USA Men’s Team, Roanna, Italy, 2015; Coach of the USA Junior Boys Team, Kidderminster, England, 2010; Metropolitan Who’s Who Member, 2006; Business National Leadership Award, Business Advisory Council, 2003; Top 200 US Martial Arts Schools by Martial Arts America, 1998; Presidential Sports Awards Recipient, 1996; Coach of the USA Junior Team, 1995; Member of Men’s USA Team, 1995; European Championship Bronze Medalist, 1995; World Champion Gold Medalist, 1990; National Fighting Champion, 1989; and Weapons Champion, 1986 and 1987.

Grandmaster Wilden was passionate about his quest to further the exposure of the martial arts, as he passed on his experience and knowledge to men, women, and children for many years.

Grandmaster Gary Wilden is survived by his wife, Terra Rose Wilden; his mother, __Jane Ragsdale; his children, Lexi Wilden and Bryce Wilden; his step-children, Terra Rose Arnold and Landon Arnold; his grandson Tytus Wilden, brother Edwin Eilden.

Master Wilden’s family whom have already passed include his father Jimmy Wilden, grandparents Perry Lenard Wilden, Bertha Wilden, Edwin Doc Woods and Sally Jane Woods.

Services for Grandmaster Wilden will be Saturday October 9th at 2pm at Guts church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Interment will be at the Sputh Heighys Cemetery in Sapulpa, Oklahoma