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Nature Knows Best: What to do for better prostate health

This week’s Nature Knows Best looks at natural ways to promote a healthy prostate. Guys, you’ll want to pay attention to this one!

The Prostate is a walnut sized gland but can cause big problems. BPH which stands for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is when the prostate gland becomes enlarged. This is a very common issue with men starting around age 40 and increases with age. BPH can cause urinary problems and often goes undetected.

There is also a condition called Prostatitis which is an infection of the Prostate gland. This can lead to not only urinary problems but pain, flu-like symptoms, depression and more. The cause of Prostatitis can be BPH, Urinary Tract Infections, bacterial or even stress.   

So, what can be done naturally to help promote a healthy prostate?

It is recommended to avoid large quantities of meat and dairy. Remember too much of a good thing is usually NOT a good thing.  Some would argue that meat and dairy are not good things at all. “Research shows that men with higher calcium intakes had a 4.6-fold increase in prostate cancer risk compared to men with low total calcium intake. This may be due to high calcium intake suppressing levels of vitamin D, which has exhibited anticancer properties.”  https://draxe.com/prostate-health/ Are you noticing how important Vitamin D is yet?

Zinc is a powerful trace mineral that “plays a unique role in prostate health; the prostate gland accumulates zinc at 10 to 15 times higher concentration than other body tissues.” We learned last week the importance of Zinc in Testosterone health as well! https://www.lifeextension.com/Magazine/2015/5/New-Studies-Reveal-Importance-of-Zinc-In-Maintaining-Prostate-Health/Page-01?p=1

Foods to include in your diet to support a healthy prostate gland are cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli etc), tomatoes, fish, berries, beans, avocados…I see a lot of superfoods on the list!

Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and pumpkin oil are recommended as the chemicals act as a natural diuretic and increases urination helping to relieve prostate and bladder discomfort which could also alleviate some inflammation. I have seen pumpkin oil being recommended for hair loss in men as well.

Saw Palmetto is a small palm tree found along the East coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida and in the Mediterranean.  Its ripe fruit is often used to treat Prostate conditions. Saw Palmetto can reduce the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a hormone that, at increased levels, causes the prostate to enlarge.

One word of caution, Saw Palmetto is a blood thinner so keep this in mind and don’t forget to mention your current supplement schedule to your physician.

Pumpkin seed oil, usually in soft gel form and Saw Palmetto can be purchased at the health food store or online.  Remember to find a reputable source in all supplements as we get what we pay for! 

Hibiscus and Green Tea are also recommended for Prostate health due to being rich in antioxidants. It is important to make sure the Green Tea is caffeine free as caffeine can aggravate the Prostate…this includes coffee, energy drinks and soft drinks as well. “A study found that men who consumed 234 mg or more of caffeine each day were 72 percent more likely to experience urinary incontinence compared to men who drank the least amount of caffeine.”  https://prostate.org.nz/2014/12/5-steps-better-prostate-health/

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with “the Mother” can also promote a healthy prostate and overall health with its antiseptic properties.  It can aid is losing weight, improving PH balance and gut health and boosts the immune system. An easy recipe is to add 1-2 tsp ACV and raw honey into a mug of warm water. You can work your way up to 1-2 TB.

Please keep in mind that in our culture we are used to immediate results. A lot of the time natural remedies take time to work, even taking weeks until one may notice a change. They work WITH your body not masking symptoms. I like to tell people, “It took a while to get to where you are physically and it will take a while to get you back naturally.” But, it’s possible!

Brooke DeLong, N.D.   

About the Author

Brooke DeLong has a degree in Naturopathy and is passionate about educating and inspiring people. She is a wife and mom to four awesome kids.

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