Multimillion-dollar commercial development slated for south Sapulpa

A multimillion-dollar commercial retail development planned by local business D*Luxe Properties could break ground within the month at 927 South Main Street. Currently, the 2.5-acre tract holds an out-of-use car wash and the old Scott’s Tastee Burger building. It is bordered to the east by Rock Creek, the west by Main Street, the north by Cacy’s BBQ, and to the south by Locke Supply. At Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting, the first phase of the project’s three-part Planned Unit Development (PUD) was approved. 

Food Truck Park

Phases 1 and 2 of the D*Luxe Properties Food Court will encompass a new retail building and a food truck park with room for up to 20 food trucks, some permanent and some transient. The park will have an area for eating and visiting with benches and gazebos, a dog park, a life-sized shuffleboard game, a life-sized chessboard, and a separate building for restrooms. It will also connect to the walking trails at Kelly Lane Park and eventually connect to the park via a bridge spanning the creek. A future expansion includes a 500-person amphitheater, a 250-person event center, additional parking, a service road, and more space for food trucks and retail establishments, including restaurants. A D*Luxe Properties representative says they are eager to grow commercial development in that location. 

A good dose of nostalgia is part of the overall concept; D*Luxe plans to recreate historical Sapulpa restaurants through the food trucks. Currently, a Scott’s Tastee Burger truck and a Taco Hut truck are in the works, among others. They also plan to keep and utilize the original Scott’s Tastee Burger building as an homage to Sapulpa history. 

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project is in how it’s taking advantage of its difficult topography—it is entirely embedded in a flood plain and is hemmed in to the north and east by Rock Creek—and using it to its fullest extent. RW Bright Architects, Inc., out of Tulsa, in conjunction with a civil engineer and local flood authorities, is designing the project to have no negative flood or sanitation impact on the community by meeting or exceeding flood regulatory requirements. At Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting, City Attorney David Widdoes acknowledged the creativity of the project in that “few other activities or facilities would be able to work under the same conditions.”

D*Luxe Properties has been involved with similar projects in Bend, Oregon and Seaside, Florida, where the parks are very popular. The team is planning a similar project in Jenks, although Sapulpa’s is slated to be finished first. 

Economic development is on the forefront of Sapulpans’ minds lately, thanks to the passage of the recent $40 million GO Bond and to the future-focused mindset of city leaders. This development will be a boon to the south part of the City and bring more business to a deserving area of town, and also has the capacity to create up to 20 new jobs, depending on what business goes into the retail space. 

The project was unanimously approved at the Sapulpa Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 25th, and will next head to the full City Council for approval on Tuesday, September 8th. Groundbreaking is expected to commence as soon as the appropriate permits are obtained and the first phase of the project should be completed three months later.

All graphics provided to Sapulpa Times by D*Luxe Properties.

E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.