Ministry Spotlight: Shoulder2Shoulder Ministries

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Hannah Oswalt 

Last week we looked at how God really shook up Levi Bradley‘s life, and this week we’re going to look at how through that, one of the most impactful ministries in Sapulpa was birthed. Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries comes from the verse in Zephaniah 3:9 that illustrates serving the Lord “shoulder to shoulder.” Bradley shared the vision they have for Sapulpa and how it’s not about Shoulder To Shoulder, but how it’s about the Kingdom of God. “We want to see partnerships,” he says. “I want to see a city like in the book of Acts where no one has needs because everybody gave up everything they have for the sake of the gospel.”

Shoulder To Shoulder, left to right: Caitlyn Green, Kailee Maddux, Levi Bradley, Lilian Grace, Gerri Smith.

Caitlin Green, who has been on staff for a year with Shoulder To Shoulder, said the heart of the ministry is about seeing God draw people to Himself. “It’s not about us; it’s not about a crazy bus sitting outside or any of that,” she says, “God is literally bringing people to hear about Himself.”

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The heartbeat of Shoulder To Shoulder resounds with a love for the people in the community; they can often be found in public parks around the Sapulpa area, leading street worship and offering prayer to those who want it.

“The best thing that I’ve seen is just seeing kids every week coming consistently,” says Kailee Maddux who also serves full time with Shoulder To Shoulder. “And just remembering and seeing us and how happy we are to be there and it just makes them light up that we’re in their park again that they go to every week.”

The Shoulder2Shoulder truck.

In addition to street worship, they also help people by giving out groceries, feeding a hot meal, and a free clothing ministry, where people can come and get whatever they need.

Gerri Smith, who has also been on staff for a year, says she and the others at Shoulder To Shoulder are serving others out of obedience to what they believe they’ve been called toward. “(It’s amazing), watching how God continues to move in people’s life and draw people near to Him by just the obedience of being willing and being bold and just showing up.”

Lilian Grace, one of those who came to know Jesus through street worship, described the ministry as more than just telling people about Jesus: “(they are) being the true hands and feet of Jesus, and actually loving on people.” 

Levi Bradley says their popularity is simply a byproduct of their obedience to scripture. “John 12:32 says ’for when I am lifted up I’ll draw all men to myself’,” he says. “So the simplicity of just going out, lifting up the name of Jesus, trusting Him to draw them in and watching Him move, it’s effortless.”

Bradley recounted how he was told starting a ministry from scratch would be “the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do,” and how it’s been precisely the opposite experience, “because we aren’t the one doing it, God is.”