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Meet Sapulpa’s newest teachers from each school

See all the new teachers for the 2019-2020 school year and where they'll be teaching.

It’s Meet The Teacher night for a lot of the schools in Sapulpa Public School System, and for these 35 teachers, it’ll be the first time they’re stepping into a classroom full of students at SPS.

Last week, their administrators met with them at The Brick at Sapulpa’s First Baptist Church to serve them breakfast and offer them a gift bag on behalf of members of Sapulpa Chamber. It was a great opportunity to get a group photo get to know them, so we took full advantage. Thanks to Aaron McColloch for the photos! Click on the photo in the gallery below to see the teacher’s name and the school where they’ll be.

School for Sapulpa Public Schools starts Thursday, August 15th. Starting times will vary across schools, so check with your school’s administration office to keep from being tardy on your first day!

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