Meet Jarrod Whitehouse, Republican candidate for District 3 Commissioner

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Lifelong Bristow resident Jarrod Whitehouse tells Sapulpa Times that his motivation for running for his father’s empty Creek County District #3 Commissioner seat is based on the duty and commitment he feels for his district.

Whitehouse explained that his father, Lane Whitehouse, worked for former District #3 Commissioner Roger Boomer, before being endorsed by Boomer and winning the seat himself, in 2014. He held that seat until his death early this year, which is what prompted this election. There were two years left on his second term. 

“I’ve been around that position my whole life,” Jarrod says. “It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to. I don’t need a paycheck—I’m not running for a paycheck. I have one of those. I have a burden for my district.” 

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Jarrod Whitehouse

First Deputy Roger Smith has filled in for the elder Whitehouse on the Board of County Commissioners of Creek County since Whitehouse’s illness, but Jarrod says it’s time the seat is officially filled, as there is a tremendous amount of important work to be done. Among other things, he notes that redistricting and the ARPA funds the County is receiving from the Federal government are high priorities. 

Whitehouse says he and his family own Whitehouse Construction and an excavation company that does dirt work. They “operate by the principles of dependability, quality work, and dedication to getting the job done.” In other words, there’s “not a lot of downtime.” He says he’s “had to bring more people on” so he can “solely focus” his time on being a County Commissioner, if elected. “It’s very important to me.” 

In an article published by Sapulpa Times just before the April Republican primary for the District #3 Commissioner seat, Whitehouse said, “working with my dad, I’ve become familiar with every mile of District #3. I understand the county’s needs, be it budgetary, construction, road maintenance, or the improvement of life.” 

I would like to find ways to better fund the construction and repair of roads and bridges in Creek County outside of the regular budget. I would like to continue the good working relationships that my dad had with outside sources that laid new roads and built new bridges at no cost to Creek County citizens. I would also like to consult with a grant writer to apply for grants for Creek County.” 

He further said that “While it is very important for the county to be reactive to any and all situations that may arise, I would like to be more proactive. I would like to create not only short-term plans, but also long-term plans, that will keep our roads and bridges in a better flow of operation. Lastly, I would like to continue building a great relationship with the citizens of Creek County, as well as with the other County Commissioners. I know that with all 3 Commissioners working together, all of Creek County will thrive.” 

Whitehouse said that he and his wife of 14 years, Ashley, are raising their two children in a Christian home, and that “faith and family are our foundation.”

He says he’s “just trying to fill a gap. There’s no replacing [my dad]. But when you hear nothing but good things, it makes it a little bit easier. It lets you know he was very respected. It helps you know what you’re doing that much more.” 

On Tuesday, September 14th, residents of District #3 in Creek County will be able to cast their vote for Whitehouse, or his opponent, Democrat Chris Root in the general election.