Med-World Pharmacy abruptly closes

Customers of Med-World Pharmacy pulled up to the drive-thru on Thursday morning expecting to fill their prescriptions as they had in the past, only this time they were met with unfamiliar faces and shirts that said “Walgreens” on them.

Med-World Pharmacy (14 S. Mission) abruptly closed its doors overnight and by Thursday morning Walgreens employees were working on moving its inventory and prescriptions to one of its two Sapulpa locations.

The Sapulpa Times reached out to Sunni Wolfe, who had owned the business with her husband Travis until recently. “Earlier this year, we sold our ownership in Med-World Pharmacy in Sapulpa and Apothecary Pharmacy in Mounds to another independent pharmacist,” Wolfe said.


Though she said she and her husband, who had owned Med-World for the last several years, had not worked in the store since July, she also said the situation was a complete shock and that they had nothing to do with the sale of the business to Walgreens.

“Prior to the sale of our ownership of these pharmacies, we were not aware of, and did not participate in, any discussions or negotiations regarding the sale of these pharmacies to Walgreens,” she said. “At the time that we sold our ownership of the pharmacies and after, we were and have been unaware of any plans to sell the pharmacies to Walgreens.”

Throughout Thursday, customers continued to find out the news the hard way. When Sapulpa Times arrived to get a photo of the building, three customers pulled up at the same time, wondering what had happened. “Where are we supposed to get our prescriptions?” one asked.

Signs on the door and the drive-thru window announced the close, and that current customer prescription records could now be found at one of the two Walgreens locations just minutes from the Med-World Pharmacy store. What may be missing, however, is the familiarity the long-time customers had with their Med-World pharmacist.

Wolfe said they weren’t sure what was next for them. “We are very shocked and are still figuring out our next steps,” she said.

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