Mayor Reg Green remembered as a “great Mayor, and a greater man”

Sapulpa’s Mayor, Reg Green, passed away on Sunday, January 26th. He was 74.

Mayor Reg Green.

Mayor Reg Green was born and raised and graduated from Sapulpa. He left to go to college in Edmond, but eventually returned to the only home he’s always known. He was married to his wife Carolyn for 51 years, and they have one son.

Read Mayor Green’s obituary here.

Green had been a part of Sapulpa’s City Council for the last twenty-plus years, and it happened almost by accident. Back in 1996, he was asked by then-mayor Brian Bingman to fill a vacant seat in the council.

“When I got there, I realized how much I loved it,” he told Sapulpa Times in 2016. His consistent presence in the city’s government eventually led to him being elected Mayor in 2011, and he had just signed on for another term at the time of his passing.

Despite the honorable stigma that comes with the title of Mayor, it’s not what you’d call a cushy job: the Mayor and all of the City Councilors are unpaid positions. That means that Mayor Green has been serving Sapulpa and her citizens for the last two decades plus essentially out of kindness of his heart and his desire to see Sapulpa do well.

People who have known and worked with the man had plenty to say about his love for the city. Sapulpa City Councilor Marty Cummins said in a Facebook post that “Reg was a great man that loved this city and wanted what was best for it. He will be missed!”

Judge Rick Woolery called Green “a credit to his community.”

Local business owner Larry White called Mayor Green a “great mayor, but [even] greater man.”

In one of its first high-profile stories, Sapulpa Times interviewed Mayor Reg Green in 2016. Even then, you could see that his love for the city was the driving force for everything he did, despite the hardships of being the Mayor of a town of 20,000 people. “If I didn’t love this town and love these people, I wouldn’t be doing this job,” he said then.

Though Green lamented the Turner Turnpike (he called it “the worst thing to ever happen to Sapulpa”), and never got to see Sapulpa get the Chili’s he always wanted, he believed to the end that Sapulpa’s best times were ahead of it, not behind it. “The biggest thing that’s ever happened to Sapulpa is happening right now,” Green said then.

An obituary for Mayor Green is forthcoming.
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Micah Choquette

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