Mark Lawson wins the Sara Lund Community Service Award from Youth Services of Creek County

By Micah Choquette

Mark Lawson, State Representative and Economic Development Director for the City of Sapulpa received the Sara Lund Community Service Award from Youth Services of Creek County by a special presentation from YSCC Director Erin Brook on Tuesday morning.

Youth Services of Creek County Director Erin Brook, left, presents Mark Lawson, right, with the Sara Lund Community Service award.

Normally, this award is handed out at the YSCC annual League The Way bowling fundraiser. But when Brook found out that Mark would be out of town during that event, she made a special trip to his office at City Hall to present him with the award.

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Brook says Lawson—a frequent advocate for children through his committees as State Representative—was a great example of the spirit of award, which is handed out, not for fundraising or for large, visible projects, but for simply being willing to donate time and effort in whatever way to help YSCC achieve its mission.

“I think it’s a great, because it shows you don’t have to donate funds or clothing or anything, just your time, which is, I think, even more valuable,” Brook said when explaining the award.

Lawson was thankful to receive the award, and reiterated his stance on helping Creek County’s children. “You know I’m only a phone call away,” he said to Brook.

Since 2012, the Sara Lund Community Service Award has been given to various individuals and organizations that show exemplary service and volunteering for Youth Services of Creek County. Named for 8-year-old Sara Lund, the award has stood out for its recognition of those who give time, not just financially.

Lund began volunteering at age 8 by pulling weeds in YSCC flower beds. Brook says Lund is the  definition of a quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Past winners of this award include Austin Newman, Dena & Company Salon, Creek County Sheriff FOP, The Rackley Family, Creek County Ambulance, Gene Parnell, and of course, Sara Lund herself.