Man’s alleged assault sends his cousin to the hospital with fractured bones and severe bruising

On August 3, 2019, at approximately 4:54 PM, Officer Cady Byrnes was dispatched to St. John’s Hospital on E. Bryan for a report of a subject who was assaulted by his cousin. Upon her arrival, Byrnes met the victim, who was being treated for injuries.

The victim stated he was at his residence at E. Hobson where he got into a verbal altercation with his cousin, 40-year-old Brandon Sloan, further referred to as the defendant, around 2:00 pm on August 3, 2019. The victim stated the argument stopped and the defendant walked away. The arrest affidavit did not detail what the argument was about.

The defendant stated he was walking away from the victim while the victim was “talking trash.” It was at this point that the defendant turned back around before he reached the house and took off towards the victim. Sloan said the victim swung a shovel at him, but he grabbed the shovel and threw it to the side. Sloan then stated he wrapped the victim up and they began to fight on the ground. The defendant stated he ended up on top of the victim and punched him four times in the face. Sloan said the victim lost consciousness and he got up and went in the house. An ambulance was not called, the victim drove himself to his brother’s house in Kiefer and they transported him to St. John’s in Sapulpa.

According to the affidavit, Byrnes said the victim had significant bruising and swelling on his face, describing it as “dark purple with dark blue edging around it and his left eye was almost swollen shut.” The right side of his face from the bottom of his left eye to his chin was so swollen it made it difficult for the victim to speak.

Dr. Sanford of St. Johns told Officer Byrnes that the injuries on the left side of the victim’s face were a result of a fractured cheekbone and fractured nose.

A criminal history request on the defendant and returned three driving under the influence charges and two possession of a controlled substance charges.

Sloan was booked under charges of aggravated assault and battery.

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