Lou Martin, Jr. is Sapulpa’s interim mayor



With the sad passing of Mayor Reg Green just over a week ago, tonight’s remaining city council members were left to handle a part of the job that nobody looks forward to—replacing your city’s mayor.

Interim Mayor Lou Martin, Jr.

According to the city charter, when the mayor is unable to fulfill his duties, the vice-mayor is moved into his place, where he will continue to hold that position as interim mayor until a new mayor can be appointed by the city council. In this case, the vice-mayor at the time, Lou Martin, Jr., became interim mayor. At the Monday, February 3rd city council meeting—the first since Mayor Green’s passing—a vote was needed to appoint an interim vice-mayor as well. Hugo Naifeh nominated Craig Henderson, who declined. Marty Cummins, of Ward 3, was also nominated and in a vote, approved as interim vice-mayor.

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There is an upcoming election in April to handle the vacancies in the city council being left by Wes Galloway and John Anderson, who are not running for re-election. After that election, a new Mayor and Vice-Mayor would be appointed at the first City Council meeting in May. The vacancies and those running for election are as follows:

Councilmember – Councilor Ward One, Seat Two

Interim Vice-Mayor Marty Cummins
  • Jasson N. Brook
  • Joseph Hale

Councilmember – Councilor Ward Three, Seat Two

  • Marty Cummins

Councilmember – Councilor Ward Five, Seat Two

  • Hugo Naifeh

Reg Green had been Councilor for Ward Four in Seat Two and was running unopposed for his seat. According to City Attorney David Widdoes, had he been able to complete his next term, Green would’ve been Sapulpa’s longest-running Mayor. Per Charter, this vacancy is to be filled by a majority vote of the Council upon nomination from the remaining Ward 4 Councilor within thirty (30) days of the declaration of said vacancy.

Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

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