How to meet local author and dog-lover Don Diehl

In “Will My Beagle Go With Me In The Rapture? Hope of Heaven for Dog Lovers and Their Pets” author Don Diehl and his beagle, Sadie, have meaningful – and sometimes humorous – conversations about life and life hereafter. Their conversations explore the notion that all of God’s creation – animals included – is part of his eternal plan for restoration.

Author Don Diehl's beagle Sadie.
Author Don Diehl’s beagle Sadie.

So begins a news release for media outlets across the country this week. The book also is offered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores and gift shops. Locally, the book is being made available to businesses where pet owners frequent. On Saturday, Diehl and his dog “Sadie” will be autographing the new paperback at Farmers Feed Store, 121 N. Main. They will be set up on the tailgate of Sadie’s “rolling doghouse” (a maroon late model Chevrolet pickup) from 9am ’til noon. with the dog on one of those dog running leashes to keep everything playful and safe. The books sell for $12.99 and also are on sell inside the store.

While watching a scene from 2014’s “Left Behind,” starring Nicolas Cage, Diehl observed a bewildered service dog standing beside his master’s belongings after his owner had been taken in the rapture. Diehl thought, “That ain’t right.”

“Thinking of my own dog, Sadie, I decided to research and write an answer to the question that came to me, ‘Will My Beagle Go with Me in the Rapture?’” Diehl explains.

Offering a biblical approach to a question that makes many animal lovers ponder, Diehl uses Scripture while directing his arguments at his readers as well as Sadie, who has a few things to say from a dog’s perspective. It is a book focused on hounds, heaven and the hereafter.

Diehl has been a life-long journalist and at times served churches as a bi-vocational minister.

“You would be surprised at how many times the question about departed pets comes up,” said Diehl. “This book gives some answers.”

Through his work, Diehl hopes readers see “That Heaven is a real place presently as well as a future kingdom of which the Bible gives us good and understandable information.”
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