Local author to be featured at LA Times Festival of Books

Tom Walsh, the retired Sapulpa principal who wrote “When Hope Overcame the Impossible,” is scheduled to have a book signing event on April 24th at the LA Times Festival of Books, according to a press release from webwire.com

Wash’s book is the heartwarming story of his son Isaac’s journey through brain cancer, despite a slim chance of survival. An inspiring story about the journey of a young boy who bravely faces and overcomes death multiple times.

Sapulpa Times featured Walsh and his book last year when it was first published. The result has been extremely positive, including many 5-star reviews on Amazon:

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I sat down in my recliner tonight to start this book and read the whole thing before getting up again. This is a book written from the heart about the Walsh family’s experiences supporting their brave son in a literal battle for his life. I was moved by the love and faith I felt while reading this book. It’s an excellent read and I highly recommend it to anyone. Five stars!

Boyd Hendrix

The book covers all the ways that Isaac’s diagnosis and treatment affected not only the teenage boy but his family as well. It begins with the shocking news that the boy’s malignant tumor had grown to the size of a softball in just eight weeks, and then expands on the journey the Walsh family embarks on as Isaac is accepted into a pediatric clinical trial at St. Jude hospital. By the end of the story, Isaac has had 21 surgeries, 4 experimental rounds of chemotherapy, 31 radiation treatments, and faced death’s door three times.

Tom Walsh, right, stands with former Sapulpa Chamber Director Suzanne Shirey, whom he gave the first signed copy of his book, “When Hope Overcame the Impossible.”

E.B. Thompson, who writes for Sapulpa Times, said “knowing the end of the story did not prevent me from feeling immense sorrow or tears coming to my eyes as I read his father’s words of anguish and uncertainty.” Thompson also praised Walsh’s words of encouragement in the book, which she hopes others will see as well. “This is a man who glimpsed the abyss and has come back to teach the rest of us,” she said.

The book signing event will take place in April 24, 2022 (1:30 PM – 2:30 PM PST). Learn more about the event at latimes.com