Know Your Candidate: Rick Anderson

Anderson draws on his experience as Mounds Police Chief and Sapulpa Code Enforcement Officer to convince you he’s the best for District One Creek County Commissioner.

Explain for us how the County is divided into districts, and which district are your running for?

Creek County is divided into three districts, district one, district two and district three. I am running for the district one seat; this is the district I live in.

How would you define the job of the County Commissioner?

The job of any Creek County Commissioner is to maintain the infrastructure in his district. The commissioner should be the voice of the people in his district. The commissioner should be a good steward with the funds that he has to work with and curb useless spending of tax payer money. The commissioner must make sure the people that work under him are properly trained in all aspects of their job. The commissioner must look for grants to cover shortfalls in his budget.

Why did you decide to run for County Commissioner?

My family and I live in district one. I have seen things with spending tax payer money and road construction that I don’t agree with. I decided to run so that I could be the voice of the people in district one and work with them to make better choices for our district. I feel that they are forgotten and no heard.

What qualities and experiences do you have that you believe would make you the greatest candidate?

I am retired as a police chief, when I went through the states Council Law Enforcement Education and Training I was elected squad leader over a class of 44 students. In the Chief’s position I had to work a budget for my department that covered vehicle maintenance, fuel cost, employee salaries. I had to make sure the people that were under my leadership had proper training for CLEET in firearms and furthered law education. I had to make sure each shift was covered with an officer 24/7. I also just left the city of Sapulpa as Code Enforcement Officer for 10 years this position was a certified position through the State of Oklahoma, so I had to go for training each year for changing property laws. In that position I had my own budget to work from and each year I saved the city of Sapulpa money from my budget by using grant money to clean up blighted areas. This was used instead of using tax payer money to cleanup properties, tear down old dilapidated houses to make room for new ones to be built. In this position I worked with citizens to get these things done and try to make Sapulpa and better place for people to live and run businesses.

Is there anything else at all you’d like the citizens of your district to know about you?

I am married to a wonderful wife named Susie for 25 years, we have lived at our location in district one for 24 years. We have 4 adult children and 10 grandkids that all live in district one. My wife works for one of the local banks as VP and has been in the banking business for 26 years. I have been a member of several boards as police chief. Oklahoma Police Chiefs Association, Creek County Drug Taskforce, Mounds Senior Citizen advisory board. I also received an award from Modern Woodsman of American for my work with young people.

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  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Know Your Candidate Continued:
    [The Rest of The Story]
    As a concerned resident of District One, I feel it is my civic duty to inform my fellow residents of some very important details, actions and accomplishments our candidate Mr.Anderson forgot to mention in the above interview.
    To start, voting for Rick Anderson would be a disastrous mistake as he is very dishonest and corrupt. Currently he is being sued personally in a civil lawsuit
    (Public Record, look it up) for committing fraud, slander, liable, conspiracy and THE RACKETEER INFLUENCE AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT. [The Law was designed to combat organized crime in The Great State of Oklahoma] Anderson should be investigated by REAL POLICE.
    At least now you have all the facts and can [with full disclosure] really know your Candidate, while also knowing, why voting for Anderson is such a mistake for our District. Please take caution as Abusive Power would be the least of the District’s concern.
    Sincerely, Concerned Resident

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