Know your candidate: Daniel DeLong

Businessman and minister Daniel DeLong comes from a long line of Creek County residents.

KT: What exactly does an assessor do, and why do you think it is an elected position at all?

DD: The assessor assesses the taxable value of private property and businesses in the county. Its an elected position because there needs to be somebody trustworthy to do that. A vote of the people is what’s required to determine that.

KT: What is your personal work history and how does that qualify you to be county assessor?

DD: Well, I’ve been a business owner in Creek County for over 20 years. I’ve also helped run other people’s businesses, including multi-million dollar companies as project manager or operations manager.I’ve had over 80 people in my employment over 25 years. I’ve been around multi-million dollar budgets and worked on multi-million dollar projects. I’m familiar with construction, mining, the oil and gas industry, landscape, home remodeling and a slew of other things.

My family has been in Creek County for what will be 100 years next year. I’m a fourth generation DeLong raising the fifth generation. So I know the people and the area.

KT: Why are you more qualified than the other two candidates for this position?

DD: I think my business experience makes me more qualified than either one of those individuals, although one is the incumbent and has assessed the property in the county. I’m not running a negative campaign. I do think it needs a fresh look. There are a lot of new homes being built and new businesses coming in. They’ll need to be assessed properly.

KT: So why did you decide to run for this position?

DD: I’ve been looking for a change, my family and I. Just something different we could do to help people out, add to the community. A client and friend of mine said that I would be good at it, so I researched the position, talked to some friends and mentors, prayed about it, and I felt like I could do a good job.

KT: Is there anything else you think voters need to know about the campaign or about you?

DD: I’m a minister, a man of faith, a man of family. If I give someone my word I follow up and do everything I can to fulfill what I tell somebody I’ll do. I believe integrity is a very valuable asset.

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