Kiefer and parts of Sapulpa, Glenpool now under a voluntary boil advisory

Following suit with the City of Tulsa, a voluntary boil order has been placed with those served by Creek County Rural Water District No. 2, according to an alert on their website.

Water line breaks and low water pressure have been a problem for some of the smaller communities surrounding Sapulpa throughout the recent winter weather, but this is the first time a boil advisory has been under effect. Officials says the low or no pressure in the water system increases the potential for contamination, and as a result, the drinking water provided by the City of Tulsa may be unsafe for human consumption.

Creek County Rural Water District No. 2

As a result, a voluntary, precautionary boil advisory has been issued for customers who experienced service interruptions this week. They’ve advised residents and consumers of this water system bring the water to a full, rolling boil for at least one minute before “drinking, consumption, food preparation, baby formula preparation, dishwashing, tooth brushing, ice making, wound care, and bathing infants.” Alternatively, bottled water or another acceptable water source may be used.

Officials also note that this precautionary boil advisory is not related to the COVID-19 pandemic and stress that it is important to continue to wash your hands during the precautionary boil advisory.

Once water service is returned, customers must flush the water for five minutes or until fresh, clear water comes out of tap. This advisory will remain in effect for at least 72 hours or until the water system says the water is safe to drink again, whichever comes later.

Questions concerning this situation should be addressed to Jo Brown, Water Quality Assurance Manager at 918-591-4396.Further general information can be found on the DEQ website:
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