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Kellyville’s new Police Chief has resigned, Town Administrator says

Hutchins has resigned his post less than 48 hours after the board voted him in.

Kellyville’s new Police Chief, Robert Hutchins, who had been voted in on Tuesday night at the Kellyville regular board of trustees meeting, has resigned his position less than 48 hours after getting it, according to Kellyville Town Administrator Beverly Lucas.

The regular meeting on Tuesday evening was a whirlwind of events that ultimately resulted in the resignation of Mayor Terry Voss, who stormed out of the meeting, saying that he couldn’t work “those sonsa-[expletive deleted]”. Voss made it as far as the parking lot when he collapsed. His condition was listed as “fair” by the ambulance crew that took him to the hospital, but it’s unknown as of this time.

The next morning, Interim Police Chief Byron Davis and Reserve Officer Les Vaughn officially resigned from the Kellyville Police department.

A special meeting that was scheduled for Thursday to officially recognize the Police Chief’s pay will continue as planned.

“Once we have a meeting posted, we have to go through with it,” she told Sapulpa Times on Thursday afternoon. If the agenda items are no longer relevant, it might just mean a shorter meeting.

Some Kellyville residents were expressing their outrage on Facebook about the city not promoting Byron Davis to the Police Chief position for the second time. There’s no word yet on whether Byron Davis will resume his position.

Kellyville’s Special Meeting is tonight at 8 pm at Kellyville Town Hall.

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