Kellyville restaurant working with police to assist elderly with meals



Registration open until August 23rd.

Last night’s emergency Kellyville Town Hall meeting resulted in the closing of a lot of things: the library, all public buildings, even the city park. It did not, however, dent the desire to help those in need.

J’s Country Kitchen (31 Oak St, Kellyville) has started a donation fund to help feed Kellyville seniors that are staying home because of their risk of the effects of the Coronavirus. Owner Jai Webb said that at Wednesday night’s meeting, three board members came to her personally and donated to the benefit. A random customer donated another $200. Town Administrator Beverly Lucas is working to find seniors in Kellyville that need a meal, and Police Chief Shelly Garrett offered to deliver. “(This) community is such a blessing to a part of,” Webb said.

Webb says that they’re continuing the effort for anyone who would want to contribute. Simply come to the restaurant and leave the money. They have a special envelope for all the donated funds.

Another topic of discussion after the meeting was the shortage of supplies and toiletries that have become the norm for area Walmarts and grocery stores. Webb said that a food shortage wasn’t a problem “so far” for her, because they order from a supplier, but said she was still considering ordering more meat to sell from her restaurant because she knew Walmart was out.

Mostly, she was thrilled to be part of such a tight-knit and generous community. “I love how this little town comes together and each entity does what they can to help as a whole,” she said. “It’s just cool to see multiple people make little steps that can make a huge difference in someone’s life.”
Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

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