Kellyville hires new Police Chief and fires Town Attorney; Mayor, Interim Chief, and Reserve Officer resign in protest



The Tuesday, October 8th meeting of the Kellyville Board of Trustees became quite contentious following the board’s return to an open meeting after entering into an extremely arduous and lengthy executive session for the purpose of discussing hiring a new Police Chief and reserve officers.

The board voted to hire Robert Hutchins as Police Chief, Terry Badgewell, Brian Ernest, Leonard Hargrove, and Chris Malati as reserve officers. It should be noted that the vote for these officers was not unanimous and it was apparent that the Mayor was not pleased with hiring Hutchins as the new Chief.

The last item on the agenda was discussion/action to fire Town Attorney John Dunn at the behest of Trustee Bobby McGarrah. At this point the meeting became heated. When asked why McGarrah wanted to terminate Dunn, he responded by stating that Dunn had not drafted an ordinance that he wished to be adopted and that Dunn “called other trustees.” Dunn responded by telling McGarrah that the ordinance in question was “unconstitutional,” and that he had the right to communicate with other board members.


At this point, The mayor, Terry Voss, bolted out of his seat and stormed out of the room, exclaiming that he was resigning and could not work with “those sonsa-[expletive deleted].”

Moments later, someone rushed into the room asking for medical help for Mr. Voss, who had collapsed outside in the parking lot.

The Sapulpa Times rushed outside, along with many others, to check on Voss’ condition. The Mayor was sitting on the ground next to a vehicle, clutching his chest. He was shaking and appeared agitated. EMTs from the Kellyville Fire Department were taking vital signs, waiting for Creek County ambulance to arrive.

While all this was transpiring, a citizen came out of the building and said that the board had fired the city attorney, John Dunn. The people attending the meeting were shocked and upset by this action.

What seemed like an eternity, though it was just a matter of minutes, Creek County Ambulance finally arrived and transported Mr. Voss to a local hospital. The current condition of Mayor Voss is unknown at the time of publication.

As of Wednesday morning, Sapulpa Times has learned that Interim Chief Byron Davis and Reserve Officer Les Vaughn have resigned.

This is a developing story. We’ll update you as we get new information. Micah Choquette contributed to this story.

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