Kellyville Fire Department gains approval for new emergency reporting system, grant applications

The new system can have centralized dispatch, synchronized with mapping and addresses: "We can know where our guys are."

A Special Meeting of the Kellyville trustees took place on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, for items that had impending deadlines, but didn’t make it onto the Regular Meeting Agenda on Monday, August 19th. The trustees are John Taylor, Ed Pruitt, Mayor Terry Voss, Bobby McGarrah, and Russ Howard. The City Attorney, John Dunn, and the new City Administrator Beverly Lucas were also in attendance.

Two representatives of the volunteer Kellyville Fire Department, Clinton East, and Brian Greenhaw, gave a presentation about the Emergency Reporting System, which encompasses all aspects of reporting fire events, such as analytics, throughout the year. Mr. East explained that the new system was all recorded online, with no other server needed, just an internet connection, with capabilities similar to EMSA.

Now, the system used leaves a paper trail but is archaic.

The new system can have centralized dispatch, synchronized with mapping and addresses. “We can know where our guys are,” said East.

Trustee Pruitt asked who current users were, and East said that Sapulpa, Bixby, Drumright, and others had it.
East said it was “very seamless” reporting, all for a yearly price of $2,256, after a first-year fee of $3,132. The trustees approved.

Another item for the Special meeting was to ask for approval to apply for an INCOG 80/20 Grant which has a deadline of September 1, 2019. This grant application is for a Jaws of Life combination tool with a spreader, cutter, and rammer system. The tool they have now is a hydraulic system. And even though this is a “great system,” and the grant is for a battery-operated, multiple-line system, which is more mobile.

Kellyville’s 20 percent would amount to $12,000. This was approved unanimously.

There may be fewer special meetings in the future since City Administrator Lucas has asked that all Agenda Items be submitted in writing.

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