It’s official: Sapulpa’s favorite coffee shop is moving

CTX Coffee Co., the Texas-named, Tulsa-transplanted coffee shop that Sapulpa has come to love, is moving to a new location on Dewey Avenue, they (finally) announced on Wednesday morning.

We have a confession to make—we’ve known about this for awhile. CTX is the unofficial office space of Sapulpa Times, and Sapulpa Times publisher Micah Choquette is there so often, he gets asked if he owns the place.

While we’re not an owner in the enterprise, we’re definitely invested and want to see the shop do well. So when they announced that they’d be moving to Route 66, we were ecstatic, and we hinted at the excitement on Facebook:

COMING SOON: ANOTHER LOCAL BUSINESS JOINS ROUTE 66For the 3rd consecutive week a local business is confirmed to be…

Posted by Sapulpa Times on Friday, June 21, 2019

The space at 114 E. Dewey, which formerly housed Over Edukated, has sat empty for months, until just a few weeks ago, when the space had brown paper covering the windows and activity began happening inside.

Owner Jacob Birdwell started as a trailer in Tulsa and came to Sapulpa because of his love for the small-town charm, which harkened back to his roots in Coleman, TX (pop. 4,407) for which his shop is named.

CTX celebrated a year of business in Sapulpa in March, and Birdwell says that he’s loved the experience, but it was time to take the next step.

CTX’s last day at their current location will be Saturday, July 6th. They’ll close up at 11am and begin moving to the new space, where they hope to open within a week after.

“The current location was an amazing place to get started and holds many good memories,” he says, but added, “the time has come to move and expand!”

The Tornado

The current space, at 11 N. Water Street, turned from a dream into something of a nightmare when the EF-1 tornado hit Sapulpa on Memorial Day Weekend. The storm caused problems with the CTX roof and knocked out the AC unit. Birdwell himself had been driving down Hobson street when the tornado hit, and one of the huge transmission poles landed squarely on his truck. Miraculously, he and his friends suffered only a few scrapes.

Oh, and Birdwell was set to get married that day.

Not wanting to delay their wedding plans, Jacob and his new bride Briana moved forward with their nuptials and immediately left the country for three weeks on a honeymoon in Europe. They say what they saw there is what drives the inspiration for the new shop design.

Jacob Birdwell and his new bride Briana got married the same day that the EF-1 tornado ripped through downtown Sapulpa, ultimately leading

“The new space will be a whole new look inspired by Old World concepts,” Birdwell says. “…in Europe, we saw the beauty in simplicity and the amazing utilization of space. The new space will reflect our love of that simplicity in our menu, design, color scheme, and layout.”

The new space at 114 E. Dewey is undergoing a transformation that Birdwell says will reflect their love of simplicity in a new menu, design, color scheme and layout.

Birdwell confirms that the new location will be an upgrade in just about every respect, without losing what made it so beloved in the first place: it’s purpose as a gathering place for the community. “It will be a tasteful upgrade from our current space, situated in a better location, offering our town a quaint space to enjoy community”.

The last day of business for the old location is Saturday, July 6th. They’ll close at 11am that morning and begin moving furniture and equipment to the new shop. They hope to reopen in the new space within a week.

Meanwhile, Sapulpa Times is looking for a temporary office space. Please inquire within.
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