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Inebriated felon fibs to police about owning a gun

Last Tuesday, Sapulpa police got called about a reportedly intoxicated and walking around the parking lot holding a gun.

On Tuesday, April 23 at approximately 9 p.m. Sapulpa Police Officer Jonathan Noah was dispatched to an apartment on South Birch to investigate a disturbance, wherein an older white male with gray hair and a beard, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans, was reportedly intoxicated and walking around the parking lot holding a gun.

When the responding officer arrived on the scene several police officers had already made contact with an intoxicated individual matching that description in the parking lot of the apartment complex. The individual identified himself as Clark Ray Abrams (Defendant).

The Defendant originally stated he did not know anything about a gun and that he did not own one. After specifically mentioning that a witness informed the police that he saw him in the possession of a revolver, the Defendant stated he keeps one in an end table in his living room. The Defendant also said that the firearm he keeps is loaded.

When asked if he had any felonies on his record he stated he did, which was confirmed by Sapulpa Police Dispatchers.

The Defendant consented to letting officers enter his apartment to retrieve his gun, and led the reporting officer to where he believed it to be. It was not originally where the Defendant claimed, however, it was located in a dresser drawer soon after.

The Defendant’s fiancé, who also lives in the apartment, originally stated that they did not keep a gun in their residence. However, while officers were searching for the firearm, she admitted that earlier she had seen the Defendant place the firearm in a drawer of the dresser.

A check of the Defendant’s criminal background reveals a felony conviction for possession of a marijuana and a misdemeanor conviction of driving under the influence in Tulsa County in August of 1999.

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  • Avatar monty says:

    It seems backwards that marijuana possession would be a felony and driving under the influence a misdemeanor.

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