Hit-and-run results in child-endangerment charges


A man from Morrison, Oklahoma is being booked into jail after fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run in Sapulpa on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Sapulpa Police Major Mike Reed, 27-year-old Brandon Lee Crosby was involved in a traffic accident at the intersection of Taft and Mission streets. The police were called, but Crosby left the scene before they arrived. A witness followed Crosby’s vehicle west on Taft and was able to get photos of the car and the license plate for police.

Photo from Justin McCord on Facebook.

Police spotted the vehicle heading east on Taft and attempted a traffic stop at roughly 12:34 PM near the intersection of Taft and Maple. According to police, Crosby did not pull over but did not exceed the speed limit while eluding the police, driving east on Taft.

Crosby eventually pulled over just west of Polecat Creek on Taft, but when officers approached the car, he drove off, heading east. Sapulpa Police deployed stop sticks on Taft Street/Hwy 117 near Lexington Road, but Crosby allegedly saw them and performed a U-turn on Taft, heading west again.

Police say that at some point, Crosby was on the phone with his mother, who convinced him to pull over. He did so, pulling into the parking lot near QuikTrip. When police took him into custody, it was at this point they noticed a 5-year-old in the car. The child was taken into protective custody, and as of now has been released by DHS into the custody of their mother.

According to Reed, Crosby was attending his Mother-In-Law’s funeral and ended up in Sapulpa by mistake. Crosby allegedly admitted to being under the influence of illegal narcotics and is expected to be booked on charges of Driving Under the Influence, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Child Endangerment, and Failure to Yield, among other possible charges.

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