Help Liberty STEM Get to Houston by Eating at Chick Fil A on Thursday

Every year for the last three years, a group of students from Liberty STEM take a trip to Houston, TX to visit the Johnson Space Center, as well as other science and engineering-related facilities in the area.

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It’s such a popular event that the group has nearly doubled every year. Consequently, there are year-round opportunities to help the group raise money.

One such opportunities involves a chicken sandwich and possibly a Rustic Cuff bracelet.

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The Liberty STEM “Houston Group” is holding a Spirit Night with Chick-Fil-A in Tulsa Hills (71st Street & Highway 75) from 5-8 PM on Thursday, December 1.

Participating is as simple as stopping in for dinner and dropping off their receipts with the attendants at the Spirit Night table.

Not too complicated, eh?

Chick Fil A will give Liberty STEM a check for a percentage of all receipts that are turned in that night between 5 and 8. People who go through the drive-thru can still help by asking the cashier to put their receipt in the box, but it might be worth it to dine in—at the Spirit Night table visitors can do $1 drawing entries for a Rustic Cuff. Chick Fil A donates the bracelet and Liberty receives every dollar.

Editor’s Note: There are more ways to help this group reach their destination in Houston this year. We’re going to be sharing a special way you can help in the following days. Stay tuned!