GALLERY: 2019 Route 66 Art Show features tons of talent



The paint jobs on the cars might be the big draw for the Route 66 Blowout, but make no mistake—there were all kinds of talented artists showing their work that Saturday.

The annual Route 66 Art Show—which coincides with the Blowout—had a large number of art pieces available for show and for sale. See a full list of the winners below, and a few more photos from the show at the bottom of the story. Photos provided by Sheri Ishmael-Waldrop.

Best of Show – Alice Hurlbert, Portrait of a Snow Leopard

Best of Show – Alice Hurlbert, Portrait of a Snow Leopard

People’s Choice – Bob Cook, Hot Rod Dream

Adult Professional Watercolor

First – Bill Harris, Old Storage Barn

Second – Don Buoen, A Great Day at the River

Adult Professional Oil Painting

First – Linda Dunbar, Ricco

Second – Kathy Soliday, Sheepish

Third Alice – Hurlbert, Double Take

Honorable Mention – Kathy Soliday, Morning Feed

Adult Professional Acrylic Painting

First – Bill Harris, European Great Grandfather

Second – Sam Houghton, Empty Barn

Adult Professional Graphics

First- – Alice Hurlbert, Portrait of a Snow Leopard

Adult Professional Mixed Media

First – Don Buoen, A Plaza Lunch

Second – Bill Harris, Ascension

Adult Professional Color Photography

First Place Sheri Waldrop, Shades of Yellow

Adult Professional Black & White Photography

First – Angenene Gibbs, Scars

Adult Watercolor

First – Cheryl Warren, Stream Tahiti

Second – Claire Tosh, Still Life

Third – Jamie James, Hidden Jewel

Adult Oil Painting

First – Fern Patterson, Church Attender

Second – Maggie Gordon, Rosalyn

Third – Lee Snapp, Autumn Leaves

Honorable Mention – Reality in the Desert

Adult Acrylic Painting

First – Traci Horton, Dusty Treasures

Second – Julie DePetris, My Journey

Third – Cheryl Warren, Pueblo in New Mexico

Adult Graphics

First – Whitney Powell, It Takes A Village

Second – Loren Jay Evans, War Dancer’s

Adult Mixed Media

First – Terri Beane, Granny Camps Funny Farm

Second – Carrie Sheley, Love Seeds

Adult Color Photography

First – Terri Beane, Kissing Heaven

Second – Terri Beane, Manifest Presence

Third – Kathryn Hall, Chamonix Mont Blanc

Adult Black & White Photography

First – Bill Williams, Sound of Yesterday – Banjo

Young Adult 15-18 years Color works on Paper or Canvas

First – Gracie White, Cloudy Days

Second – Aztrid Moan, King Tut

Third – Katie Waldrop, Pink Flower

Honorable Mention – The Bear

Young Adult Black & White works on Paper or Canvas

First – Ivory LaMontagne, Ryan

Second – Nathaniel George, Dad’s D-Day

Honorable Mention – Kelsey Clemans, Breather

Young Adult Color Photography

First – Katie Waldrop, Through the Microscope

Youth Ages 11-14 Color works on Paper or Canvas

First – Braelynn Clark, Cacti Flower

Second – Kayemyn Walker, Trix in the Woods

Third – Emma Bowden, Emma

Honorable Mention – Aric English, Pansies

Honorable Mention – Lauren Campbell, Myself

Youth Ages 11-14 Black and White works on Paper or Canvas

First – Kayemyn Walker, Me

Youth Ages 11-14 Sculpture, Pottery or 3-D

First – Emma Bowden, 4 season

Second – Kayemyn Walker, Elements

Youth Ages 11-14 Misc.

First – Lake Country Christian School, Love – a group project.

Children Ages 6-10 Color works on Paper or Canvas

First – Riley Tolle, Aurora Borealis

Second – Avenn Mitchell, Rainbow Flower

Third – Garrett DeMoss, Hello Spring

Children Ages 6-10 Black and White works on Paper or Canvas

First – Riley Tolle, Dragon

Second – Garrett DeMoss, George

Third – Riley Tolle, Cat

Children Ages 6-10 Collage

First – Emily Campbell, Bird

Second – Haddie Bowden, Who

Third – Nash Huff, Brid on a nest

Honorable Mention – Mila Morrow, My Owl

Children Ages 5 – under Color works on Paper or Canvas

First – Grayson Tinker, Cheeseburger Rainbow

Second – Grayson Tinker, Mirando

Third – Dalhia & Violet McCorkle, It is So

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