Four-hour police standoff ends peacefully with suspect’s arrest

Police arrested 30-year-old Drew Stanley, of Sapulpa, late Wednesday night after he held them in a standoff for over four hours.

According to Sapulpa Police Lieutenant Wiggs, SPD received a call of a disturbance about 10 minutes before 6:00 pm at a residence on Mike street, near Warehouse Market in Sapulpa.

Wiggs says Stanley was outside of his home when a vehicle drove by. Words were exchanged and, according to the police, Stanley began hitting the vehicle and yelling at the driver. Wiggs says it’s unclear what was said during the exchange that caused the altercation, but that it is what initiated the call to the police.

Police cars parked near the residence where a man held police in a standoff for over four hours.

When the first officer arrived on the scene shortly after receiving the call, Wiggs says the suspect ran inside, cursing, upon seeing the officer. Police say the suspect then went to one of the windows in the front room of the residence and continued to yell at the police. Wiggs stated that while the officers attempted to make contact with him through the window, he disappeared for a moment, returning brandishing “a long gun.”

Sapulpa Lieutenant Wiggs updates the media after the police standoff on Wednesday night. (Photo Micah Choquette)

Wiggs said at that point the officers retreated and tried to make contact with him outside of his residence for another half hour before calling in the South West Area Tactics team (SWAT), a group made up of law enforcement officers from Sapulpa and several other area communities.

Four and a half hours later, the team was able to breach the house using gas canisters and pepper balls and managed to arrest the suspect using a K9 unit. Stanley had allegedly started a small fire in the bathroom for an unknown reason, but it was exterminated by the SWAT team shortly after they had him in custody. Wiggs said the gas canisters and pepper balls the SWAT deployed are not believed to have caused the fire.

Stanley was transported to the hospital for minor burns and a dog bite from the K9 unit. He faces felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer. Wiggs says Stanley did not have outstanding warrants, but that police have been called to the residence before on an animal control issue.

“Really glad that everything turned out peacefully,” Wiggs said. “Our goal is to resolve these issues as peacefully as we can with as little property damage as possible.”

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