Foster families still needed during COVID-19

As the U.S. deals with COVID-19, more foster families are needed locally and across Oklahoma.  On any given day, just over 8,000 children in the State of Oklahoma are in DHS custody.  Like any child, these children need to be in families and more foster families are needed across the state to give these children a safe place to live, within their own communities, while their families get the help they need.  Foster parents don’t just foster children, they foster families too, which helps parents and children become healthy and whole again. If you have ever considered fostering, please do so, the need is great. 

“We are still processing applications even though COVID-19 has shut most things down,” says Heather Huff, a child welfare specialist with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. “Basically, we still need homes and we may need more homes to give other foster parents a break especially since these are stressful times.”

Huff says the goal of foster care is for children to return to their family, so foster parents mentor the family and work with us as part of a team to get children back with their parents. If the children can’t go back then DHS may ask the foster parents if they’re willing to adopt. “But the ultimate goal.” Huff says, “is for children to be reunified with their families and foster parents play a big role in this. It’s team work and a great program to be part of.”

Applications to foster a child are still being processed. Visit or call Heather Huff at 918-606-2449 for more information.



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