Forgery suspect in hot water after trying to cash a check he allegedly stole

Last Friday morning around 11:30 Sapulpa police officer Steven Funk was dispatched to the American Heritage Bank on South Mission Street to investigate a forged check.

When Funk arrived he spoke with the teller to whom the $180 check had been presented. She stated that while verifying the account on which the check was drawn, she discovered that the account had been closed because checks had been stolen off of it. She further verified that the signature on the check looked nothing like the one on the signature card on file at the bank.

Officer Funk spoke with the defendant, John Michael McMillian, and explained that he had reason to believe that the check had been forged. He asked McMillian where and how he received the check. McMillian told him he had replaced a hot water heater and received the check for his work.

Funk called the owner of the account (victim) who stated that he had closed the account about four months previously due to the checks having been stolen. He further stated that he did not know the defendant and that he had never written him a check for a service of any kind.

At this point Officer Funk arrested McMillian for 2nd Degree Forgery and for knowingly concealing or possessing stolen property.

A criminal history check revealed that the defendant had one previous felony conviction for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Tulsa County in 2013.

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E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.