“For the good of the town:” Kellyville trustees just fired their Police Chief, and tried to unseat their town attorney

A brand new board of trustees is hitting the ground running in shaking up their little town.

A brand new board of Kellyville town trustees has wasted no time in making changes at the upper levels of the administration, starting with the small town’s Chief of Police, who was unceremoniously fired this evening.

After taking the matter into executive session. Police Chief W.T. McWhirt was unanimously voted to be terminated: “for the good of the town.” The long-standing officer was not in attendance at the meeting, and no details were given as to the cause for the vote because it is a “personnel issue.”

But that wasn’t the only surprise the board of trustees had in store; just a few minutes later, a call would be made to remove the Town Attorney, John Dunn. 

John Dunn, Kellyville Town Attorney

The newly-minted mayor Russ Howard asked Dunn why the lawyer felt it necessary to “inject himself” into the affairs of the city. Dunn said he had been asked if a “trustee had the right to do” something, and he answered the question, “no.” The mayor also said he was offended that Dunn said he “had higher aspirations than to be the attorney” for Kellyville.

There was a lot unsaid, with both the trustee and the attorney trying not to bring up old information, but it is believed that the trustee was Bobby McGarrah, and the topic was the letter concerning the Audit that McGarrah requested from the State of Oklahoma when he first became a sitting trustee.

Dunn said he was concerned that if McGarrah had been elected mayor there would have been a “great deal of liability.” The mayor said he didn’t like that the attorney was not “unbiased” but seemed to “put McGarrah down.” After a lot of back-and-forths, McGarrah said Dunn: “I want you gone!” Others had no problem with the attorney continuing.

So, the vote was taken, and it was returned 3-2 in favor of keeping the counselor, with McGarrah and Terry Voss voting “No.”

This is a developing story, and we’ll have more for you on the other action items in this meeting in a future story.

About the Author

Lottie Wilds is a native Oklahoman and a multi-talented woman—she is a mother, grandmother, Navy veteran, and lifelong creator. Lottie loves to quilt, decorate, garden, swim, paint, and write stories. She is grateful for every day she gets a chance to get it right.

  • Avatar JIM VOGT says:

    It was Bobby McGarrah and Russ Howard that voted to get rid of the town attorney. Ed Pruitt, John Taylor, and Terry Voss all voted to keep the town attorney, John Dunn.

    • Avatar Anita Richardson says:

      Thank you for clarifying the vote so the citizens of the Town of Kellyville can have accurate information.

  • Avatar Jim Wolf says:

    Some towns have poor leadership and endorse it as exemplary. Others have exemplary personnel at various positions but condem and often release them as soon as possible.
    The reason for this difference?
    Some stadium occupants seek knowledge and understanding while others do not. Unfortunately, opinions, despite significant factual gaps, are often seen as equal to facts.

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