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FlaWing Dough’s: New Kellyville restaurant is a strange name but great pizza

Don’t let the strange name throw you off of FlaWing Doughs…the pizza is worth turning off the highway for.

The new pizza joint at 8 S. Main Street in Kellyville has name that makes you raise an eyebrow: “Flah-Wing-Doze?” Am I saying that right?

Yes, it’s precisely how it looks like it should sound.

And the name, while, odd, suits the business just perfectly; The place serves wings, but is quickly becoming known for it’s other staple: the pizza. Or more specifically, the wonderful, hand-tossed dough.

The dough is something of a family business. Owner Chelsey Roth told Sapulpa Times on Wednesday that her uncle owns Dough Boyz Pizza and Equipment in Depew, a business that owns the patent on the dough that they produce and sell to independent pizzerias across the state, including restaurants, schools and even prisons.

FlaWing Dough’s carries a pizza called GiGis Pepperoni. Not hard to see why it’s popular!

The impressiveness of the dough is immediately apparent when you bite into the pizza. In a world of commercialized commodity pies, FlaWing Dough’s pizza is an impressive stand out.

And a brave one. Kellyville is a town of around 1200 people, and restaurants are difficult to keep going: The BJ’s Donuts Shop we wrote about previously is a daycare now. The popular Kellyville Cafe was forced to close last year when the owner had to go take care of an aging parent. The only other restaurant that has remained a staple for generations is the local Simple Simons chain, located just off the highway.

Roth is hoping though, that the appeal of hand-tossed pizza crust, as well as wings and sandwiches, will be enough to cause a hungry driver to turn off the highway and make a stop at their shop.

We had their “By The Slice” option, choosing traditional pepperoni and a more modern chicken bacon ranch. Both were exquisite, my colleague commented on the spice in the pepperoni had a bit more punch than he was used to, but it was a welcome change. I noticed the rich ranch flavor in the chicken pizza that didn’t overpower the taste of the sauce, though. Very good.

Pricing was equally great. My friend and I had 2 slices each, with cans of soda (Pepsi and Coke products provided), and the total came to under $10.00

In addition to the pizza, FlaWing Doughs sells breakfast pizza ($1.99 per slice), full specialty pizzas and calzones ($12.99) and wings (starting at $5.99) as well as basket options (starting at $5.99) and even party options.

The only drawback is the space, which could only seat 4 or 6 people max at two tables. We imagine most of the transactions are for to to-go orders or call-ins.

The name, concocted from Chelsey’s mother, is used well, and should make it easy to find the place. Soon, it won’t be hard at all…Roth tells us they have plans to put out plastic lawn flamingos to make it even easier.

FlaWing Dough’s is currently open Hours 6:00 AM  to 8:00 PM. You can see more information and their menu at https://www.facebook.com/flawingdoughs

About the Author

Micah is the owner/Editor-In-Chief of Sapulpa Times and passionate about telling the everyday stories in the town that we love. You can find him on Twitter at @meetmicah or email him at news@sapulpatimes.com.

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