First Community Good Samaritan Award given to four teenagers who saved elderly neighbor from fire

As most Sapulpans surely remember, in late May of 2019, four teenage boys rescued local matriarch Catherine Ritchie from her burning home. These boys, Wyatt Hall, Dylan Wick, and brothers Nick and Seth Byrd, were commended, awarded, and featured by multiple local and national organizations for their heroism and bravery, including a special visit by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

Fast forward two years later, a new scholarship for local students has been awarded to the boys. The award, called the Community Good Samaritan Award, is for students “who have exhibited exemplary acts or behavior that show goodwill or neighborly conduct.” The scholarship was established by an anonymous donor.

The daring event combined with its heartwarming outcome was such a good example of this that the selection committee felt that these boys were the ideal honorees of the first scholarship. 

On Thursday, May 13, President of the Sapulpa Education Foundation, Teri Sherwood, presented $4,000 checks on behalf of the anonymous donor to each of the students. The funds can be used however the recipients wish. 

Wyatt Hall, now 18, and Dylan Wick, 18, received their checks at an awards assembly that morning at Sapulpa High School. Both boys graduated on Friday night and are joining the Marines. 

Hall completed the Marines entrance processing last summer, departs for basic training on June 28th, and upon its completion will move on to infantry training. After the Marines, he hopes to start his own business. 

Wick plans to join the Marines reserves and eventually become a firefighter. 

Seth and Nick Byrd, who most recently attended Kiefer High School, but are former SPS students, were presented with theirs later that day at the Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce.

Nick Byrd, left, Seth Byrd, right, stand with Teri Sherwood, center.

Seth graduated on May 14th and plans to go into HVAC training, then work with his uncle while becoming certified.  

Nick is a sophomore and works at Cacy’s BBQ in Sapulpa. He plans to go into criminal justice after graduating.