VIDEO: Escaped Inmates Show up at Town West QuikTrip


Two escaped inmates made an appearance at the QuikTrip in Town West on Wednesday morning, Sapulpa Police are saying.

The inmates were in a transport van on their way other facilities. One was heading to Kansas, the other to Wyoming.

Somewhere in Major County, they overpowered the driver and managed to escape. In nearby Canadian County, they stole a semi truck with an attached trailer. They then made their way northeast, eventually stopping at the QuikTrip in Town West, where they unhooked the trailer and left it in the parking lot.


The man who owned the semi and trailer posted a photo them it on Facebook, asking friends to be on the lookout. As it turns out, one friend spotted the trailer in the parking lot and confirmed with his friend that it was the stolen trailer.

Police in Canadian County then called Sapulpa Police and asked them to check the situation out. When they arrived at the QuikTrip, they asked to see the surveillance video, where the inmates were spotted on camera, about 1:30am. You can see the surveillance footage below the story.


Sapulpa Officer Glen Coffey says that as of now, there’s no way to know where the escapees are. “They turned out of the parking lot in a northern direction, but it was still on a side road, so there’s no way to know if they continued that direction or not,” he said.

Should they be caught, the escapees are facing multiple charges, including kidnapping and assault.

See the QuikTrip surveillance footage below.