2020 Election Coverage

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The 411 on SQ 802

By Charles Betzler June 27, 2020

Learn more about State Question 802 and its proposal to expand Medicaid.

Get to know your candidates before Tuesday’s election

By Submitted June 27, 2020

Feel like you would like to know a bit more about each of the candidates come up for election? We’ve got you covered.

Why should I vote? Be a citizen, not a subject!

By Charles Betzler June 24, 2020

Those voting groups with the lowest turnout have the most to lose by not voting and the most to gain by participating in the electoral process.

Voting 101: How to vote in the upcoming election

By Charles Betzler June 23, 2020

Learn more about how to register, how to vote, and where you need to go.

Voter Registration Deadline for Statewide Primary Approaches

By Submitted June 3, 2020

The State Election Board’s new voter registration “wizard” makes it easier than ever to complete a Voter Registration Application.

How to obtain an absentee ballot

By Charles Betzler June 1, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has prompted many voters to choose to vote by mail in the upcoming elections. Here’s how to get your ballot.

What you need to know about new mail-in voting rules

By Charles Betzler May 22, 2020

Wondering how new legislature regarding absentee voting will affect you? Here’s what we found out.

Trump, Biden win Oklahoma Primaries, Sunday Liquor Law passes in Creek County

By Micah Choquette March 3, 2020

The repeal of an old Blue Law hopes to make independent liquor stories in Creek County competitive again.

Oklahoma’s voting system is “one of the most reliable in the world”

By Charles Betzler February 27, 2020

A combination of hard copies and electronic tabulations, combined with a standard in voting machines across the state, make for “one of the most reliable, most accurate, most secure, most efficient, most cost-effective, and speediest voting systems in the entire world.”

Absentee Ballot Deadline Approaches, Early Voting Scheduled for Presidential Primary Election

By Submitted February 24, 2020

Voters have until Wednesday, Feb. 26 to request a mail absentee ballot for the March 3 Presidential Preferential Primary Election.