Donut shop robbers brought to swift justice thanks to “vigilant” citizens

Two suspects who allegedly robbed a donut shop in northeast Sapulpa were caught just hours after the robbery occurred, according to Sapulpa Police.

S&H Donuts, 1111 E. Denton Ave.

Don Jackson and Kareem Shabazz Brown, both of Tulsa, were arrested and charged with first-degree robbery after Sapulpa caught them back in town, thanks to the vigilance of the neighborhood citizens.

Jackon and Brown allegedly robbed the S&H Donuts store at 1111 E. Denton Ave. early Tuesday morning, according to Sapulpa Police Detective Mike Sole. The robbery happened just before 7 a.m. when the pair are said to have entered the store carrying guns, pointed them at the employees behind the counter, and demanded cash.

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Sole says the suspects left the store with approximately $600 in cash from the front counter and the drive-thru cash registers. Though they were gone before police could arrive, Sole says they were able to view surveillance footage and get an accurate description of the suspects. They shared that description with others in the neighborhood and it wasn’t long before they got a tip.

At nearly noon, one of the employees at a nearby convenience store called the police and said two people matching the suspects’ descriptions were in the store. Sapulpa Police found the suspects and placed them into custody. They were able to obtain a search warrant for their vehicle, where they recovered two guns and other personal items that had been stolen from the donut shop that morning.

Sole says it was “good police work and vigilant citizens” that helped crack the case. “Had those citizens not been as vigilant, there’s a good chance we might never have caught them,” he said.

Jackon and Brown have also been charged with felony gun charges and knowingly concealing stolen property. They’ve been booked into the county detention center.