DHS investigator arrested on charges of child pornography



A 39-year-old Sapulpa resident was arrested over the weekend on charges of aggravated possession of child pornography charges.

In September, Sapulpa Police conducted an online investigation for offenders downloading child pornography, according to the arrest report.

Joseph Allen Dale Koss

On September 10th, October 5th and October 22nd, a number of downloads that were of interest in this investigation were downloaded by devices connected to a certain IP Address. A subpoena to Cox Communications gave police the name they were looking for: 39-year-old Joseph Allen Dale Koss.

On November 22nd, a search warrant was executed and Sapulpa Police visited Koss at his home, where Koss freely admitted to having several devices connected to the internet and/or for digital storage. He further admitted to downloading or viewing information on the internet using a program called eMule (a free peer-to-peer file sharing application for Microsoft Windows).

During the search, police confiscated one desktop computer, two laptops, seven portable electronic devices, and sixteen digital storage devices. Upon examination, police say at least two of these items contained numerous files and videos of children engaged in various sex acts, some of the children appear to be under ten years old.

A warrant for Koss’s arrest was released on December 13th. As of Monday, Koss is shown as out on a $150,000.00 bond. His first hearing is set for December 31st, 2019.

Koss is currently employed by Oklahoma DHS, in their Office of Client Advocacy as an investigator. According to their website, the Office of Client Advocacy “provides advocacy assistance, conducts investigations and maintains grievance programs to promote client safety and independence and the delivery of OKDHS programs and services in a fair, honest and professional manner.” The arrest report also says Koss is CLEET certified, but not currently listed as a sworn police officer for any agency.

In the affidavit, police say they also confiscated Koss’s work cell phone, but he has refused to give them the passcode needed to investigate that device.

So far, police have uncovered 135 images and 15 videos of child pornography from Koss’ devices, and they say they haven’t examined all of the items they confiscated.

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