Detention Officer at Creek County Justice Center arrested after “intimate contact” with an inmate

A Detention Officer for the Creek County Justice Center was arrested on early Monday morning after a witness caught her kissing an inmate, according to the official arrest affidavit.

Malcom booking photo. Provided.

It all began late Sunday evening when the reporting officer, Ryan Matthias—a deputy with the Creek County Sheriff’s Office—was contacted about a detention officer at the jail having “intimate contact” with an inmate. According to Matthias, a witness at the jail said they noticed 29-year-old detention officer Dusty Malcom disappear into a supply closet with an inmate on Saturday, April 25th. The witness said they were gone “for a longer time than would be normal for the activity.” The next day it happened again and when the witness went to check on the officer, they opened the door to find the two of them kissing.

Matthias said he watched the surveillance footage of the event on both Saturday and Sunday, and observed the defendant and the inmate going into the supply closet for several minutes at a time—twelve minutes the first time, and eight minutes the second time—and then left the supply closet only carrying “a few supplies each,” according to the arrest affidavit.

In a post-Miranda interview with Matthias, Malcom admitted that the inmate had put his hand down her pants and kissed her on Saturday, and that on Sunday she was indeed kissing the inmate. She admitted that she didn’t report the incident to her supervisor and “did not tell the inmate ‘no or yes’ regarding the activity,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Malcom was booked under sexual battery charges and then released the same day, and has a court date set for May 12th.

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