Deceased man found near Sapulpa’s buffalo statue

Sapulpa police have confirmed a deceased man was found in his car in the parking lot adjacent to Sapulpa’s “Guardian of the Plains” buffalo statue on Tuesday evening.

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Sapulpa’s “Guardian of the Plains” Buffalo statue sits just outside of town on New Sapulpa Road.

Police told Sapulpa Times that the man, identified as 59-year-old Steven Honeywell, was found by a family member just before 7:00 pm after going missing for a portion of the day.

According to the statement by police, Honeywell had recently been under the care of a nearby VA hospital, which led them to discover what they say is an “extensive medical history,” which they believe may have played a role in Honeywell’s death, although confirmation has not yet been made by the medical examiner.

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Police say nothing about the death seems suspicious at this time, that family has been notified, and that they are not looking for anyone else connected to this incident.