Dancing Skeleton Meadery to debut at the Route 66 Blowout

Submitted by Alex Long

Dancing Skeleton Meadery, producer of honey wines, will be debuting at the Sapulpa Route 66 Blowout on Saturday, September 12.  The company was founded in 2019 in Sapulpa and began production in 2020 in Sapulpa.  Honey wine, also known as mead, is the fastest-growing segment of the alcoholic beverage industry in North America.  There are few producers of honey wine in Oklahoma and only one other Meadery in the state, and Dancing Skeleton is the first in Northeast Oklahoma.

Alex Long stands with his bottles of Dancing Skeleton Meadery. Provided

I am the owner and head mead maker, and am a long time Sapulpa resident, having lived here since 2005, and have had family and been a regular visitor to Sapulpa most of my life.

A little information about honey and honey wine; first, let’s talk about traditional (grape) wine.  When you look at different wines, a cabernet sauvignon, Riesling, etc.,  these wines are made with a different variety of grapes.  A different grape results in a different wine.  The same concept applies to honey.  A different honey gives a different honey wine.  With over 300 different honey varietals in North America alone2, that gives a lot of possibilities for different honey wines.  Dancing Skeleton will be introducing 6 different honey wines, with new ones currently in production.

At this time, Dancing Skeleton Meadery does not operate a tasting room or retail facility, and our honey wines will only be available for purchase at special events, such as the Sapulpa Route 66 Blowout.