Creek County receives GIS mapping grant for $52,774

Creek County has received a new grant award with the aid of INCOG for Geographic Information System Next Generation Emergency Readiness (or GIS NG911) for $52,774. This is an 80/20 grant to assist in updating the County’s mapping system, which is crucial in the next phase of upgrading the emergency phone system. 

Commissioner Newt Stephens and Assistant District Attorney Andrew Goforth said that the grant is clear about the County’s duties and responsibilities and that INCOG will monitor and oversee it. Commissioner Leon Warner stated that Creek County’s portion is about $11,000. 

This was unanimously approved at Monday morning’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. 

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A bid for the 2020 tax statement preparation for the County was also awarded on Monday. Bids were received from Peregrine Services, Inc. for $20,298 and Automated Mail Services for $18,562. Treasurer Don Engle recommended awarding the project to Peregrine Services, as they have done the job for the County satisfactorily for the last four years. Engle stated that he would prefer to work with a company with which he is familiar and who has provided references, and said that Automated Mail has not provided references, nor has he worked with them in the past. The commissioners accepted the recommendation and approved awarding the bid to Peregrine Services for the fifth year. 

The County’s emergency resolution due to the ongoing pandemic was extended for another week. Unlike past weeks, Stephens voted with his fellow commissioners to approve the extension. Emergency Management Director Covey Murray reported that as of last Thursday the county has seen a total of 39 COVID-19-related deaths and has 17 new cases, with a total of 152 active cases. Warner surmised that as there have not been any cases within the courthouse, it would be advisable to extend the resolution another week.