Creek County Emergency Management Department gets a new high-pressure fire fighting system

Alex Walters

The search for a self-contained high-pressure water and foam suppression system for use by the emergency department to fight fires in Creek County has finally ended. Only two companies met the county’s specs without altering the final performance: Light Em Up, which offered a 3/4” in 200’ hose with 18 gallons and 1500 psi, along with a low water alarm and run dry pump, and E.J. Metals LLC, who did not meet the initial requirement of 200’ of foot and instead only offered 150’. E.J. Metals was asked if they had a unit physically present in Oklahoma, as well as for a video of their unit in action, but E.J. Metals stated they do not have a piece of equipment in Oklahoma and failed to send a video as requested.
Light Em Up had a representative present, Rickey Mitchell, who spoke to the Board and presented facts and data on the operation of the equipment. Beggs Fire Department has two self-contained high-pressure suppression systems similar to what Light Em Up can provide and is useful for multiple types of fire, including wildfires, while using less water. Mitchell claims Light Em Up has partnered with the Air Force on the design of the unit; however, the Creek County Board noted this piece of equipment is 50% more expensive than the competition. Assistant district attorney Andrew Goforth added the fire departments need to have a chance to review bids and possible lease purchase options and the bids will be sent to the fire departments to see if they’re interested as well.
The fire departments have two weeks to report back whether or not they want a high pressure suppression system as well. A single self-contained high-pressure water and foam fire suppression system was approved for purchase by the Creek County board through the use of ARPA funds in the amount of $39,100.