Creek County Declared Second Amendment Sanctuary

By Brooke DeLong

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On Monday, February 23rd, 2020, at the weekly County Commissioners meeting a proclamation was made for Creek County to be an official Second Amendment Sanctuary.

A letter of intent was submitted by Sheriff Bret Bowling and was approved unanimously by the Commissioners Lane Whitehouse, Leon Warner and Newt Stephens. Rick Kruse with the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association was also present for the event.

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Left to right: Lane Whitehouse, Sheriff Bret Bowling, Leon Warner, Newt Stephens pose with the proclamation of Creek County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Sheriff Bret Bowling passionately said in a statement, “Like all sheriffs across this great state, I have been approached to declare Creek County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Our Country is the United States of America because of the Constitution. Our forefathers possessed a clear vision for our foundation so that we could survive and prosper as a free nation. The Second Amendment is a necessary element of the Constitution that ensures us that we can defend our families and our country. This subject is something that all of us should stand together on. The citizens of Creek County should know that we—as their elected officials—are aware of the oaths that we have taken and that this government is determined, more now than ever, to protect the unalienable rights of its people.”

A “Second Amendment Sanctuary” means to “prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures perceived as violative of the Second Amendment…

A round of applause erupted from the audience after the signing was completed.

Commissioner Newt Stephens said the proclamation was a joint effort between the Creek County Sheriff’s Department and the County Commissioners. “Sheriff got with me…he wanted to be united with the Board,” he said. “We got with Andrew (Goforth) to write a proclamation…to defend the Constitution when we swore in.”

Creek County is the 23rd out of 77 counties in Oklahoma to make this proclamation. Download the official proclamation below.