Creek County Commissioners news from the week of August 5th

The County Commissioners meeting took place as usual on Monday, August 5th, beginning after 9 a.m., with no new business. Do you have business with the County? A question why a building is vacant, a complaint about noise, or a business that shouldn’t be in a residential area? This is where you come to ask questions. Informal and informative, just as you might expect your County to be.

Tax Sales Reap Benefits for All

Next, a piece of property in Bristow at 308 E. 9th Avenue, was sold to one bidder for taxes owed (and fees) in the amount of $1,479.00. There is a structure on the property which will be torn down to accommodate duplexes for handicapped tenants to be built by the new owners, Mike, Jean, and Spencer Davis. Another piece of property, this time with no structure, was bought by one bidder, Terry Butler, for what was owed in taxes ($602.00 and a $95 fee) at 115 S. Independence St., in Sapulpa. This property had been on the tax rolls since 2012. Mr. Butler asked the Commissioners about the Lien on the Property for Weed Abatement/Clean up and he said the City said there wasn’t one, but it showed one on his county paperwork. Chairman Warner told him to get it “in writing” from the City of Sapulpa.

Update on Collins Building Internet

The sitting Commissioners, Lane Whitehouse, Chair Leon Warner, and Newt Stephens approved to spend up to $1,000.00 to have a Castle Communications technician evaluate the uses and problems with the Internet service in the county’s Collins Building. It may have been hacked, it may need more bandwidth, it may be a software problem, it may be a traffic problem, and they need to know before deciding to spend $6,000.00 more on bandwidth, a recent in-house recommendation. This action may take a few days and be done remotely or with a laptop on-site. There will be more information on this after the evaluation is complete.

Sheriff’s Department Body Cams Software

Creek County Assistant District Attorney Andrew Goforth looked over the contract for the County Commissioners, and the Commissioners approved the contract for body-cam software, at Sheriff Bret Bowling’s request. This contract is for the amount of $4,515.00 a year, and he said not all the body-cams were operating.

Utility Permit Request

A request from an individual, Bobby Rogers, for a UPR to cross 177th West Avenue and parallel to 281st St. South approximately 1 mile north of Highway 16 in District No. 3, near Okmulgee, at the county line was approved “per county specs.” This was to get good water to this area, which is “all saltwater.”

State Auditor Directed Payments

The reading of the list that the County Treasurer was directed to credit, became a tour de force from the Chairman Leon Warner, as he read without a mistake: the Creek County Commissioners with workman’s compensation in the amount of $15,522.06; from the Sheriff County Jail Maintenance Payroll fund in the amount of $9,362.83; and from the Sheriff Juvenile Justice Center Payroll fund in the amount of $4,953.62; and amounts as little as $3.02 from the Creek County Court Clerk’s Revolving fund; and eight other accounts and their corresponding account numbers. The audience (and Chairman) took a deep breath at the end of the recitation and they broke out in applause for him!

After the meeting

The stalwart attendee to the meetings, Janice DeRamus, mentioned that the County Planning meeting in the Ballroom a week ago had been hard to hear, and the commissioners suggested that there might be microphones to use from the Fairgrounds for the next meeting on Tuesday, August 20th at 6 p.m.

The next meeting of the County Commissioners will take place on Monday, August 12th, at 9 a.m. in the Collins Building, Suite 103.


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