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Creek Co. Democratic Convention votes in officers and resolutions

The current chairman, Stan Johnson, was re-elected by unanimous affirmation among voting delegates, numbering about 20 present. Angie Goodwin was elected Vice-Chair and Charles Betzler was elected Secretary.

From left: Brian Braudrick (not a delegate or officer), Fran Redding, Chuck Threadgill, Denise Ashley, Naomi Mendus, Angie Goodwin, Jeremiah Robinson, Jerri Titus, Jesse Goodwin, Charles Betzler, Matt Shockley, Stan Johnson.

The meeting took place on Saturday, April 6th, 2019, at the Bristow Community Center at 10th and N. Ash. (from Chestnut/Hwy. 48 turn left at 10th and go 3 blocks). The Election of New Officers was first on the agenda, then voting for delegates for the Convention, followed by the Resolutions for the Oklahoma Democratic Party (some of which are forwarded to the national party leaders.)

The current chairman, Stan Johnson, was re-elected by unanimous affirmation among voting delegates, numbering about 20 present. Angie Goodwin was elected Vice-Chair and Charles Betzler was elected Secretary.

The Delegates to the District and the State Convention (3 males and 4 females required) are Chuck Threadgill, Jesse Goodwin, Matt Shockley, Jerri Titus, Fran Redding, Naomi Mendus, Denise Ashley, and Provisional Delegate Charlotte White.

The 2019 Resolutions voted in without discussion were 1) Adequate Funding of OK State Services (restructuring income tax and implementing a graduated income tax), 2) Aerobic Sewage (Enforcement of Title 252, Chap. 641 and eliminating self-inspection), 3) Business Taxes Fair Share (Eliminating credits and rebates that do not result in increased income to Oklahoma), 6) Ending Gerrymandering, 8) Minimum Wage Increase ($15 by end of 2020), 11)

Payday Loans, 13) Refunding Earned Income Tax Credit, 14) Taxing Energy Industry, 15) Tenants’ Rights, 16) Violence as an Impeachable Offense (Advocating Violence), 17) Vote at the Nearest Precinct.

Some of the Resolutions were set aside to discuss: 4) a typo was amended to 2018, 5) Credit Scores and Insurance Rates was explained that Oklahoma is one of the 47 states which uses a citizen’s credit score as part of the algorithm to determine a person’s vehicle insurance rates. This practice makes poor people suffer disproportionately. A bill has been introduced in Congress to ban this practice, and the Democratic Party supports this bill. 7) HB 1017 should be enforced, increased at-risk student involvement, age-appropriate sex education approved, increased safety education concerning wheeled toys-bicycles, skateboards, etc. ,10) Parenting Skills, concerning mostly grandparents-as-parents, 12) Proposed Changes to OK Democratic Constitution, sent to Constitution Bylaws Committee, and 18) which hadn’t been completed at the time.

All Resolutions dealt with Oklahoma issues, not National.

The charming framed print of two adorable donkeys, named, “My Gal Sal,” by local artist Goldie Chisum was won by raffle by Jennifer Lanier, who happened to be a first-time visitor to the Creek County Democratic Party and a new member, as well. This print (a $75 value) was donated to the CCDP by Lottie Wilds and Stan and Jane Johnson and was bought during a Sapulpa Artists’ Guild Sale and Show. Ms. Lanier was thrilled.

The Creek County Democratic Party meeting rotates among three locations: Bristow, Drumright, and Sapulpa. The next regular meeting will be held at Freddie’s Steakhouse & BBQ in Sapulpa, April 18, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. and costs $11.00 tip included.

Rylee Treloar of Depew, the latest CCDP Scholarship winner, will be in attendance as well. The next guest speaker is Kimberly Littrelle, with the Oklahoma National Education Association.

Charles Betzler contributed to this story.

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