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Deputies released these surveillance footage photos depicting cousins Wendell and Steven Washington and Steve Washington, whom are being charged with shooting at a car with intent to kill on July 29 in Turley. Courtesy

Cousins accused of shooting at a car with children inside in Turley have been arrested in Sapulpa

Two men charged with shooting with intent to kill in Turley have been found and arrested in Sapulpa.

Two cousins who recently had arrest warrants issued with charges of shooting at a car that carried children inside have been arrested in Sapulpa.

Wendell Washington, 19, and Steven Washington, also 19 had been charged in Tulsa County District Court with one count of shooting with intent to kill. An arrest warrant was released for them on Monday, according to a report by The Tulsa World.

According to the story, the car carried two adults and four children, including an infant. Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of the shooting.

Sapulpa Police Major Mike Reed told Sapulpa Times on Tuesday afternoon that the Washingtons had been arrested in Sapulpa as of about 11:35 am on Tuesday, August 13th.

Reed said the Washingtons were found in an apartment complex on Wickham Road on the west side of Walmart in Sapulpa. They were hiding out with a woman said to be the girlfriend of one of them, and pregnant with his child.

The “Southwest Area Tactical Team” or SWAT, surrounded the building and made the arrests. The SWAT team consists of officers from Sapulpa, Bixby, Sand Springs and Officers from Tulsa PD’s SWAT team who are medics. Sapulpa’s K9 unit was also deployed at the scene.

Major Reed told Sapulpa Times that the Washingtons and the unnamed female gave themselves up and exited the building without incident. “Exactly how we like it,” he said.

The Washingtons have been sent to Tulsa County to face charges of shooting with intent to kill. Neither of the men has been arrested before, though Wendell has allegedly had domestic abuse charges in the past.

This is a developing story. Stay with Sapulpa Times for updates.

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